школа языков и ассоциация переводчиков

  1. This is my brother._________________name`s Paul.
  2. I get up____________________7 o`clock in the morning.
  3. Excuse me, __________________ speak French?
  4. My sister_________________tennis very well.
  5. Last night I _______________to the cinema.
  6. _____________use your dictionary.
    Sure. Here you are.

  7. Do you sell stamps?
    Yes, We do. How____________ do you want?

  8. I think cycling is more dangerous____________ driving.
  9. If you have got a headache, you _____________go home.
  10. ___________________ever been to New York?
  11. We never _______________a TV when I was a child.
  12. ______________anywhere interesting recently?
  13. If weather _________________ good, we can go to a museum
  14. Have you finished __________________the wall yet?
  15. My doctor advised me _________ more exercise.
  16. There’s no name on this dictionary.
    It ____________be mine then. Mine’s got my name on the front.

  17. Julia ___________ married since she was 20.
  18. I’ve finished this salad and I’m still hungry. I_________ ordered something more filling
  19. By the age of 18, I _________ not to go to university.
  20. It’s a huge painting. It __________ taken ages to complete.
  21. If the taxi hadn’t stopped for us, we __________ standing in the rain.
  22. By the end of today’s seminar I will __________ to each of you individually.
  23. _____________________lack of information, we couldn’t make an agreement.
  24. I hate _____________________when I am at meeting.
  25. ________________ other students, Ally is always curious.